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Diagnosis Process

Need some help figuring out what is wrong with your system or how to start out on the right foot?  Once again, you have come to the right resource.  Most of the work that I do over the course of a year is "clean up" work, coming in to make things right.  It would certainly be more cost effective to have an installation right the first time but problems do crop up and sometimes someone new has a better perspective on the issues.  Due to the uncertain nature of construction and contractors, consulting and design assistance is a large part of what I do.  

Knowing that, what could Orchard Valley offer as a consultant?  If you are experiencing issues with your current system, there are a number of diagnostic approaches we could take.  The list below represents some of the specialties we can perform.

1. Extensive Heat Loss & Gain Calculations

Without proper estimations of your system's thermal properties, we cannot begin to size equipment or design your comfort system. Following an on-site visit to take measurements of your home, we use a very extensive program designed by Wrightsoft® to develop a computer-generated calculation.

Once completed, you will have a detailed report of your home's heating and cooling needs and something to base the rest of the design (or existing design review) on. This report has been very helpful to homeowners who can't understand why their system isn't efficient.

2. Duct Analysis

After completing the heat load calculations, we determine if the ducting is at fault. We use a flow hood to physically measure the air volume coming out of the grills. That tally is compared to the proper design flow to find discrepancies and explain the comfort or efficiency concerns.

A flow grid can also be placed in the air handler to measure flow through the equipment. That number is matched to the measurement taken by the flow
hood to estimate duct leakage, quantifying a duct sealing proposal. Studies show that most systems lose 30% of their air volume to duct leakage and
improper design.

3. Air Quality Measurements

Using state-of-the-art testing equipment, we measure the volume and size of the debris in your property to test the air quality. These measurements, along with humidity, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide readings, help determine if filtration or ventilation is required to improve conditions.

4. Combustion Analysis

Using our Testo® digital combustion analyzers, we evaluate your heating and cooling systems for proper operation. This is typically performed during a seasonal system cleaning.

5. Digital Thermography

Insulation issues are invisible to the naked eye, but with a Flir® thermal imaging camera, these irregularities are more than evident. The camera is used to scan the building's walls, ceiling, and floors, searching for insulation voids, excessive heat losses or gains, radiant tubing in floors, and hot water lines in walls.

6. Design Consulting

For this service, we perform heat loss calculations and as much design work as needed to get you where you feel comfortable.

Note: All of the items listed above are billed by the hour for on-site service. Cost estimates will be provided based on what you wish to have done.

Orchard Valley Heating and Cooling has been presented with two national design / installation  awards this past year!  A third place award in the 1st annual "Green Mechanical AWards"  and most recently, a Contracting Business magazine "Quality Home Comfort Award" for an amazing Post and beam residence in Worthington Mass. This is the 8th first place award in the past 10 years. If you are in the market for quality- you are at the right place!!

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