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Our Specialities

  • Radiant Floor Heating and Radiant Design
  • Carrier furnaces and central air conditioning- A 4 year Carrier silver dealer with consumer satisfaction ratings among theHIGHEST in the industry!
  • Humidification systems: Home comfort is impossible without the proper ratios of moisture
  • Viessmann and Buderus boiler system service and installation
  • Indoor pool environment conditioning systems
  • Geothermal heating and cooling
  • Home ventilation systems, Variable speed ducted air systems
  • Solar hot water systems
  • Outstanding Service!


"We moved to Northampton in 1999. At that time we did a major remodel on our newly-purchased home which involved working with a great many subcontractors - roofing, electrical, masonry, stonework, flooring. You name it. Of all the many great subs with whom we worked, Jim was by far the best. He is so incredibly knowledgeable about the HVAC industry. He can do it all - plumbing, heating, electrical work. As capable as he is, he is even more kind, courteous and responsive.
When the job was complete, we kept Jim's contact information, and never looked back. He maintains our heating system, has installed a tankless hot water heater and has made upgrades to the HVAC system. Use his services. You won't regret it!
Jim does a great job of taking care of his clients. We lost our heat one time on the weekend, and Jim got out to our house very quickly and got the furnace running. We feel so lucky to be able to call on him"
--Kenneth Hahn

"It's great to know that when we have any issues with heating, cooling, and ventilation we can call Jim Patterson at Orchard Valley Heating and Cooling. Jim is a pleasure to deal with, and has all the qualities you would want in a person you count on to keep things working properly: he is prompt, professional, courteous, fair, full of knowledge and experience, tireless in his efforts to get at the root of any problem, and always glad to explain what it is he's doing or recommending."
--Stephan Petergorsky


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    Home comfort will never be the same again!

    Welcome to the world of Orchard Valley Heating and Cooling! If you are visiting our site, I assume you are looking for a heating / cooling contractor for a new home, renovation, or to service / repair your existing HVAC system. If any of these assumptions are correct, sit back and enjoy what our view of residential home comfort is all about.

    I read a sign in a client's office several years ago that read "the sweetness of low price is soon overshadowed by the bitterness of poor quality". There is no magical formula that can turn a quality home conditioning system into a bargain. "Sticker shock" is a medical condition I see all too often when I meet with clients to discuss budget numbers. The value of installing quality the FIRST time is often understated. I have performed numerous replacements this past year for clients that have built homes within the past 5-8 years, often replacing boilers, air conditioners, ducting and furnaces that did not hold up under normal use. If only the builder or HVAC contractor had spent the time and effort to stress the importance of a quality installation before the substandard equipment was installed in the first place. If you are still in the decision making stages of a project, Orchard Valley Heating and Cooling has the resume that will help make your investment last.

    Our primary objective with every client is to educate and share the advantages of modern heating and cooling systems and how they can create a unique environment within your home. We consider ourselves experts in our field and offer solutions many of our competitors are not aware of or experienced enough to attempt. Our designs have won 8 Contracting Business "Home Comfort Awards" in the past 10 years and numerous Radiant Panel Association "System Showcase Awards" over the past decade. We were recently honored with a 3rd place finish in the 1st annual "Green Mechanical Awards". Our passion for creating unique home conditioning systems is surpassed only by our dedication to serve and improve the lives of our clients through our HVAC systems and exceptional service.

    Another Ibc boiler in the books!

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    Call (413) 527-5812 to reach us in Southampton, MA, to request services from our heating and cooling contractors.